Project Description

Don’t Forget Baby!

“Any person is capable of accidentally forgetting a child in a car.”


Includes (1) Clip Sensor, (2) Alarm Key Fobs, Easy-to-Install Instructions

In 55% of all cases, parents were unaware child was left in locked car!

Studies show a person’s working memory is comprised of 2 parts, Prospective Memory and Semantic Memory.  One helps us to remember to do something in the future, the other puts people on Auto Pilot to perform functions automatically without having to remember.

Forgotten Baby Syndrome

Any change to routine, sleep deprivation or stress, can disrupt action and suppress important things to remember, even awareness of a child left in a car.

  • 1 Clip Sensor

  • 2 Alarm Key Fobs

  • Quick Start Guide


55% Cases, Parents Were Unaware
27% of U.S. Children Live with 1 Parent
50% Were Left Behind by Parent/Caregiver

Life is Better with a CoPilot